Thursday, 5 May 2016

Auckland Museum Trip

To extend what we've learned about ANZAC day and to commemorate the soldiers who served, rooms 9 and 10 were very fortunate to visit the Auckland Museum. We saw the names of the New Zealand soldiers who fought in war, the resources they used during war, letters soldiers had written to their families and many other significant artifacts. We were really lucky to see first hand what they used and also learn more about the heroic stories of Australian and New Zealand soldiers.

Here is a compilation of photos from our memorable day.


  1. Talofa room 9, going to the museum was pretty awesome and these picture's are REALLY awesome too.I hope everyone learnt something new and didn't get lost.

  2. Hi Room 9
    Going to the Museum sounded like a lot of fun. Your pictures were really interesting and the plane looks really big. There is a lot of crosses.