Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Hip Hop with Jess by Kate

Today we did Kiwi Sport, the kind of sport we did was Hip Hop dance. Our mentor/coach was Jess, she was awesome at showing us the moves! My favourite part about the whole dance was the last bit which was the Shoot/Hype.

If I were to vote who was the best to memorised  the dance (except for Jess) I would say Agueer because every time I look at her we both know the dance! We are going to do Hip Hop on Tuesdays for the next 6 weeks. I am going to be excited to memorise more Hip Hop dances!


  1. I missed the first hip hop lesson with room 1, I can't wait until next week! Maybe we should have a hip hop dance off with all the classes.

  2. I hope you enjoyed Hip hop class have a good day

  3. Did you like the hip hop because I did

  4. Hello there Room 10,

    My name is Claudia and I attended Saint Pius X school. It looks like use guys really enjoyed hip hop with Mrs Jess. I can see that use guys have really good moves I wish i had some moves like use guys. Kepp up those good/amazing hip hop moves.


  5. Hi Room 10,
    I am from Saint pius x school and I am a year 8. I like how you described what was your favourite part of the dance and that you can remember the dance.

  6. This Hip Hop dance looks so amazing and I feel like I want to be in your class.


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