Friday, 11 November 2016

A fantastic film festival

Room 9 was very fortunate to attend the 2016 film festival. We got comfortable red seats in front of the gigantic extreme screen at Sylvia Park. It was so exciting! Sitting in our seats, it hit 1pm and the lights went dim. Who was presenting first? Mrs. Grant! Our cybersmart teacher... She was just talking about the film festival. Anyway, we watched films from Glen Innes Primary, Tamaki College and Te Kura Kaupapa Puau. Created by students and shared with the world. It was awesome to see that room 9 can create something to go on the big screen as well. Well done Ruapotaka for the awesome films!

Walking the famous red carpet. We had to take a photo near on the carpet all the famous directors and actors walk on. 

Ready to watch the awesome manaiakalani films. Our big red comfortable seats. We were ready for an hour of awesome films, especially the ones created by Ruapotaka. It was great to see our friends.

An awesome display created by Mrs. Buchanan and her helpers. Right in the middle of the theater. 


  1. I have enjoyed reading about your experience at the Film Festival. I am so pleased you enjoyed it and I can see that you made the most of the event. Ruapotaka made some fabulous films and you can be proud of them.

    I hope you enter one next year.

    Mrs Burt
    Manaiakalani Film Festival Producer

  2. Hi Room 9, looks like you had a great time at the film festival. I wish that I went but I had to stay back in the office to look after the school
    Miss Brough

  3. Hi Room 9,feels like you guys had lots of fun,I hope you
    guys enjoyed our movie about the Pokemon.Which movie was your favourite ?