Thursday, 21 September 2017

Finding our way around Ruapotaka

Orienteering was fun for everyone. Learning about the symbols on a map, how to use a map, how to read a map and following north, south, east and west were all apart of orienteering. We always looked forward to our lesson with Leon because we were able to find controls all around Ruapotaka school.

We were learning how to read a map.

Following directions and finding our way.

We found a control and found ourselves in the corner of the multi-purpose room.

Liza learning how to read a map and find her way.

Asking Leon questions.

Still following our maps.

Learning about what orienteering is before we head out into the field.


  1. hi room 10 i like how you guys are learning new things. keep learning.

  2. Hi room 10 I liked this post it really reminds me of when we were doing orienteering at Camp Raglan so I really liked this post that I did, Well Done.

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  4. Hi room ten you are pretty good at dancing. Texas I like How you do the hype.Most of you were awesome.

  5. Hi room ten I really like your blog and my favourite thing about your blog is share your love.


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